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3D for office furniture - Copy of 3D product visuals
3D rendering for office furniture case Casala

Case study: How "Casala" streamlines

the production of images with P1 Studio

A quick look at a few exemplary images and how they were created

Casala is a medium-sized Dutch Office Furniture manufacturer that has been active for over 100 years. They came to P1 Studio because they wanted to explore the options to replace traditional photoshoots with high-end visualization. They were specifically looking to create lifestyle images to show all the different use-cases of their products and needed a creative 3D studio that was experienced in (interior) design and knew the nuanced differences in materials etc.

P1 Studio was a perfect match, creating dozens of packshots with all variants, dozens of lifestyle images in different usecases like hospitality, offices and more. They provide the 3D models to their B2B partners like (interior) architecture studios, so they too can use their products in sketches they create for their projects.

Some of our other references

Besides Casala, we have helped several other office furniture brands as well as different other brands to create beautiful packshots, lifestyle images and animation videos. We have also done over 500 projects for (interior) architects and real estate developers over the years.

If you are a brand that's looking to create beautiful visuals, we're very certain that we can help you out. Curious to find out more? You can either ask for a quotation for a specific project, or book a call with someone of our team to discover how we can work together.

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