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Your products
perfectly in 3D

All 3D applications are only possible after your products are perfectly reproduced in a high-quality
3D model (digital twins). 

From technical drawings, sketches or a simple 3D model, we can prepare the 3D model and materialisation for photorealistic product visualisations.

and so much more!

After the products have been turned into high-quality 3D models, you can also deliver them to (interior) architects to use in their designs!

We often make perfect ‘pack shots’ of the collections for customers afterwards(images of their product with an empty background). This way, you can fill your brochures, product pages and more with consistent, perfect images of your products in all colours/fabrics/materials.

Good news, now that all products are perfectly simulated in 3D, we can have fun with all other applications 3D can offer: 3D animations, product configurators, augmented reality… and more! 

Let’s discuss together what high-end 3D has in store for your company.

Product rendering,
how does it work?

Your products must first be converted into a perfect 3D model (“digital twin”): we model
the exact dimensions and textures of the materials in 3D. This requires two things: the
dimensions of the products(the design) and enough information about the materials.

1. Wireframe

We need to be able to see the dimensions and shapes
from sketches, 2D drawings or 3D drawings or models.
Most customers have these in .DWG format (Cad
drawings), which are made by a product developer or
the production facility.

2. Texture

Laying out the wireframe is the easy part: it doesn’t
have the realistic texture (fabric, wood, metal, etc.)
yet. We have to copy those textures from samples
or high-resolution photos.

3. Let's have fun!

Now, the fun part starts: applications with a perfect 3D
model. As mentioned above, most companies create perfect and consistent packshots of their entire collection afterwards.

After that, images  in a setting that suits your brand are often made,
which is the basis for professional images that can be used online, as well as for print applications.

Once the foundation has been laid with beautiful product renderings and 3D atmospheric images, other options are often discussed, such as 3D animation, augmented reality, virtual reality or even a product configurator.

Let’s discuss the possibilities for your company together!

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