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High-end AR & VR
for your products

Do you want to merge the real world and the virtual world? Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)can be used to offer your customers a very special experience with your products!

The first step to be able to use AR and VR applications? We’ll turn your products into perfect 3D models. We do this by drawing the dimensions and materials in 3D, after which the possibilities are endless.

With AR, for example, potential customers can see your products “in
the space” they are in at that time. This is possible because they scan a code with
a mobile device and then scan the environment using the camera.

With VR, people can be completely ‘immersed’ in a virtual 3D world  that we have designed for them. Are you already buzzing with ideas? We’ll dive into the details of AR & VR applications for your brand below!

Augmented Reality:
accessible & interactive

We create a so-called WebAR experience, so that (potential)customers do not have to download apps or even
files. In an accessible way, the user can freely ‘place’ your products in the direct environment and move
around them freely.

AR is especially nice to get an idea ofwhat the product ‘would really look like on me’. For example, someone
could see how that clock would really hang on the wall, how that carpet would actually fit in the room or how
that new garden set would really look on the terrace.

People are interactive and are better informed. Increase your conversion with AR and reduce returns!

Virtual Reality
at P1 Studio

In addition to Augmented Reality, we can also help you with a Virtual
Reality experience from P1 Studio. Our team specialises in designing and
building spaces in 3D and place your products in them, so that you also have complete freedom in how your VR experience will look.

We can create both a local ‘offline’ VR experience and one that can be
used online on the web.

A VR experience from P1 Studio can also be viewed without VR glasses,
then it becomes a normal 360° image or tour on a screen.

Our creative 3D team
is happy to assist you

Convinced to create an AR or VR project and open the doors to all further
possibilities with 3D? Feel free to contact our team, our door is already open.

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