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High-end Configurator
for your brand

With a configurator, (potential) customers can
tailor their desired products themselves. For
example, a configurator can be linked to a stock
system and the prices of materials, so that the correct information is always displayed.

Configurators are a way to make the purchasing
process at your company a pleasant experience!

A Real-Time,
Luxe Configurator

If your company has many different sizes, colors, options, etc. with each product, it becomes almost impossible to render them all manually, since there will be 10’s or 100’s of thousands of possible variants. Real-time configuration will then be your solution.

If you want a high-end look, you could not go with a real-time configurator in the past, because it looked very fake.

That has changed, the technology has developed quickly: nowadays we’re able to make beautiful, high-end real time configurators for your brand!

Both offline
As online use

Our configurators are built flexibly. You can use both an offline and an online configurator. Adjustments to the UX/UI or adding other products are also possible.

Since the needs for each company can differ greatly when it comes to 3D 
configurator, we are happy to help you further!

at P1 Studio

Our creative 3D team
is happy to assist you

Convinced to create a configurator and open the doors to all further
possibilities with 3D? Feel free to contact our team, our door is already open.

Get in touch

Discuss your project
with us
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