Why you should use 3D animation for your brand

Do you want to convey a concept, such as the modular operation of your product, or the composition of materials? Then 3D technology, and more specifically: 3D animation, is your best friend.

It is also the tool of choice if you want to show something very eye-catching, explain or showcase your product(s) in a specific environment.

But pure technology is 1 thing, you also need creative insights to arrive at a good animation video. Learn in this blog why you should use 3D animation for your brand and exactly how it works!

The ultimate tool for your campaigns

Launching a new product or collection? Then deploy beautiful 3D animation videos for your PR, social media, trade shows, stakeholder management and more!

After that, put them on your website and inspire potential customers with the right workings of your products, the right vibe of your brand or so much more.

At P1 Studio, we like to support from our creative background in the technical process of creating the models, possibly creating the right setting and determining a compelling script. But how exactly does that work? Read it below!

Having 3D animation created:
how does it work?

We start with the “digital twins” of your products. Are there any? Top! Then the fun work can begin: being creative. Below is the process explained in 3 steps.

1. Digital twins

As with mood images, we need the 3D models of the products. Have these not been made yet? Then we would be happy to help you with product modeling and possibly creating packshots / product renders.

3D Animation for brands: The ultimate visual tool - MANUTTI MINUS scaled 1
3D visuals for Carpets

2. Creation of video script

An animated video is still … a video! As with regular videos made e.g. by a branding or content agency, we come up with a creative concept and turn it into a script. We’ll make a proposal, which you can give feedback on, and that way we’ll come up with a concept and atmosphere that everyone can agree on for the success of this project.

3. Clays, previews & Final finishing

We make clays (quick previews) first, just like regular 3D atmospheric images, to determine movements and compositions. Afterwards, we can possibly show a few pieces of the setting in color so that the atmosphere comes out clearly. Upon approval, the 3D animation can be finalized. Then all kinds of variations can easily be made: in terms of colors, models, texts, sizes, you name it….

3D Animation for brands: The ultimate visual tool - Untitled design 1

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