High-end Configurator
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A configurator allows (potential) customers to customize their desired products themselves. For example, a configurator can be linked to an inventory system and the pricing of materials so that the correct information is always displayed. 

Configurators are a way to make the buying process at your company a pleasant experience!

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A Real-Time,
Luxury Configurator

If your business has many different sizes, colors, options, etc., it becomes almost impossible to render them all manually. Real-time configuration then allows you to put together all possible products at that time!

If you want a high-end look, in the past you could not go for a real-time configurator, as it looked very fake and ugly.

That has changed since 2022, by deploying Unreal Engine 5 in a specific way, we at P1 Studio create a beautiful high-end, real-time configurator!

Both Offline
As Online Use

Our configurators are built flexibly. You can deploy either an offline, or an online configurator. Adjustments to the UX/UI or adding other products is also all possible. Since the needs for each company can be very different when it comes to a 3D configurator, we would be happy to help you customize.

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