3D animation for marketing campaigns

Do you work in marketing or have your own brand? Then you know that the key to a successful marketing campaign lies in telling a story effectively. But not just any story … A story where customers feel emotionally engaged and are encouraged to take action.

First of all, you want to grab the attention of your target audience and then take them into the world of your brand in a visual way! Realistic 3D animated films will become your very best friend in this regard. Are you looking for the alternative of a traditional professional video shoot? In this article, we dive deeper into the features, benefits and creation process of these 3D animations.

Why 3D animation?

We’re not here to convince you to use video material when running marketing campaigns. You also know that research by parties such as Hubspot, among others, shows that 54% of consumers prefer video content to still images. So why would you be better off choosing 3D animation over a traditional video?

The possibilities: anything goes

A blue elephant sitting on a chair of my make under the Eiffel Tower? Not that this is necessarily a good idea, but yes! Everything. Is. Possible. In general, 3D animations for businesses are most commonly used to explain the operation of a product or concept, to show the production process or materials, and to create a charming or very eye-catching video for a campaign.

The benefits

Endless possibilities: exploded views, “impossible” or extremely exclusive settings…. all no problem.

You are flexible with adjustments, not dependent on the weather, and it doesn’t have to take months to get everything tuned up! Plus, you often save a lot of money, too, especially if you’re smart about the capabilities of your 3D files.

To a 3D animation in 5 steps!

“The big picture”: what product(s) or concept(s) do we want to work on, and what is the big picture/idea? We make an indicative proposal with quotation and a schedule is drawn up for making the 3D animation.

2. Storyboard composing: In a storyboard, all planned scenes are drawn out. This will give you a better idea of what each scene should look like. Every detail does not have to be visible yet, but the overall storyline should be clear.

3. Work out the setting and possibly the products in 3D: The devised script will be in a certain setting and it will feature certain objects. We collect already created digital twins and create other files and place this together in the “set” in which the animation will be made.

4. Previews are shown: First versions are made and the customer can react to them in a convenient way using our visual feedback tool.

5. Further textures may be added, light settings edited and adjustments made based on the feedback obtained. Afterwards, the 3D animation video is rendered and delivered in high resolution. Often different formats are then made for all purposes.

Get in touch

Convinced to create beautiful 3D animations and open the doors to all further possibilities with 3D? Please feel free to contact our 3D studio, our (virtual and physical) door is already open.

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