With advanced 3D drawing programs, P1 Studio creates a “digital twin” of your products so that all kinds of visuals can then be easily created from them!

How can your brand gain a competitive advantage from 3D product visualization?

Why do I need "product visualizations"?

If you sell directly to customers in your own physical or online store, you know that good “content” is one of the biggest factors in increasing sales. Even in a B2B2C scenario, the outlets need to get the right tools from you as a brand to successfully convince the end customers. Show all variations of your products, demonstrate how they work, showcase your products in the right setting and so much more. Read the benefits below!

1. Start already without samples

Once we receive the information about how the product will look (technical drawings and input of materials used), we can perfectly recreate the product in 3D. From such a “digital twin,” we then create product visualizations already, in all the variants and arrangement needed.

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2. Any atmosphere you want

A perfect alternative to mood photography: 3D renders in a setting. After the “digital twins” of the products are created, we can showcase your products in the desired interior and/or exterior atmosphere. Also, these “digital environments” can easily be reused afterwards to create quick and flexible imagery afterwards.

3. Open the door to opportunities

From the same technology with which we visualize products, we can also facilitate other applications. For example, really get the message of a campaign across with a high-end 3D animation. Let a customer put together his/her product with a product configurator. There are numerous possibilities when you open the door to 3D visualization for your brand.

4. The ultimate in flexibility

Suppose the collection changes (which is very often the case) ? Are you going to organize a new shoot for that one product? With 3D visuals, we dive into the model and adjust it accordingly. Want to see some additional images in a different setting afterwards? We already have the models, we build a new setting and do a new “digital shoot” so you quickly have some images for say mid-season.

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5. You own the digital twins!

(Interior) architects can start using your products for the projects. This is a giga advantage over your competitors.

Make it as easy as possible for B2B clients and partners to use your products in their designs, without any friction they can request the models from you or even download them through industry-specific platforms like Archiproducts at everything in and around homes, offices and hospitality, where professionals can discover your brand as well!

6. Be "future proof" as a brand

Where platforms such as Google have already indicated that brands can use 3D models when advertising, 3D applications such as AR, VR and animated videos will only become more common. Don’t fall behind on that: every major brand in every industry is already working with 3D visualization because it is paying off both now and in the future.

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