Using 3D visuals to launch a brochure faster

If your company publishes on a yearly basis (or more frequently) brochures and you’re looking to improve this process, this might be an interesting blog article for you.

As you might know, 3D visualizations are very realistic representations of a project or a product and if the skills of the 3D artist are good enough and the artist works with the right programs, a 3D visual is no longer distinguishable from a photo. There are therefore many advantages to the use of 3D visualizations and this is also being used in more and more industries.

Just think of architecture and interior design, new products or concepts that have to show how a project or product could look like before it is realized or produced. During the entire process, you can still make all the possible choices in different materials, colors and technical details without losing physical production costs.

3D visualizations by P1 Studio

In the 3D visualization process of, for example, furniture in a setting, there are important steps that can be limited to the minimum or even skipped completely.

Just think of the entire logistical process that’s involved for the photography of furniture into a certain setting. This involves costs of transport of the furniture, its installation, the rental of the location, the travel costs of employees and photographers, and so on. Finally, this also includes post-production expenses, where you are limited to a certain level in any adjustments or corrections afterwards.

A well-known brand that has been using these 3D visualizations for a longer period of time is IKEA. Most of the images you see in their catalog are not photos but 3D renders instead. So you see that they make good use of the advantages photo-realistic 3D rendering provides!

The biggest advantage of 3D visualizations is that you can already have all the needed marketing material in your possession, all before the product is even physically made. This allows you to start, for example, creating the catalog, developing point of sales material and drawing up your social media planning.

In this way you can have the catalog prepared a year in advance, and there is no last-minute stress involved. As they say in the business world: ’time is money’.

It will sound very familiar when the design of an already photographed product needs to be changed and therefore needs to be photographed again, so that it can be correctly included in the catalog.

The entire production process can go more smoothly and efficiently with 3D visualizations, which is the main priority for every manufacturer. This way you can also have an overview of the popularity of your product by, for example, asking the opinion of your target audience. As a result, costly mistakes can be avoided, the customer feels involved in the production process and you can provide a better follow-up.

P1 Studio is known as an innovative media studio, with expertise in 3D visualizations. We are happy to help you develop your realizations, from an orginal idea to a successful campaign! Read more about our services here or fill out the form below if you would like to discuss a specific project with us!

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